Aquarium Water Heater – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 2020

Basically, an aquarium water heater is a device used in fish tanks to warm the temperature of water. This makes it pretty important that you keep your aquarium at a proper temperature. However, keeping the water at a stable temperature is less stressful and therefore prevent your pets from getting sick.

Obviously, everybody wants to have a great perfect tank and for that you have to look after more than just the quality of water. You need to know the ideal temperature for your fish by having a right heater.

Fish cannot produce their own body heat so they must depend on the temperature of the tank water. Besides that, they will not be able to survive if the water temperature is too cold for them.

Aquarium Water Heater

In simple words, the most important thing is providing the right temperature to your fish. You might fill the tank with water at room temperature. But in reality, it is not sure that it will remain the same temperature the whole day.

Similarly, having a heater in the fish tank is important so that the water will not create an unbearable environment for the fish.

As like humans, you don’t want your fish either to be in an uncomfortable environment. Where the temperature changes suddenly and ends up making your fish sick.

Here we are with some of the best fish tank water heaters reviews. Besides this, no matter what kind of heater you pick, you must have a thermometer in the tank all time. Because you are in need to keep the water at best range for your fish in the aquarium.

Aquarium Heaters RATING PRICE
DaToo Aquarium submersible Fish Tank Heater⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
UPETTOOLS Submersible Aquarium Heater⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Penn Plax Aquarium Heater Fully Submersible⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Fluval M Submersible aquarium Heater⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
SALUTE Aquarium Submersible Auto Thermostat Heater⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Catalina RF-1000T Heat Controller Titanium Heater⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Sukeen Aquarium Heater with Extra Thermometer⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price

1.    DaToo Aquarium Submersible Fish Tank Heater

Undoubtedly this DaToo aquarium water heater is phenomenal in creating a warm and cozy living environment for your lovely baby fish. So that they can thrive happily all over the tank. Also this one is affordable and easy to use.

DaToo Aquarium submersible Fish Tank Heater

Adjustable temperature

You will be amazed to know this fully submersible aquarium heater is adjustable. Simply, you can easily adjust the temperature of the water according to your tank’s size.

Moreover, you can easily get the needed temperature you want (68 to 93°F). Similarly, you can also read the temperature you set by the dial of the heater.

Also, the thermostat system make it sure that your beloved buddy is going to love that warm and cozy world.

Super sturdy and durable

Usually you must be worried that the heater will break if it accidently falls off?

But wait!

Now, say goodbye to that worry. Because the sturdy body of this fish tank heater is made up of shatterproof, corrosion resistant material. This material makes it able to be used in both fresh and saltwater.

Likewise, the heating part is made up of nickel-chromium alloy. The alloy ensures smooth heat transfer and also enhances the product life.

BPA free

Adding more to it, as the body of DaToo aquarium heater is made up of durable, high quality BPA free plastic, so while heating it does not produce invisible toxins which as a result is safe not only for your fishes but also for you.

Energy saver

Furthermore, when the heating mode is ON, it will automatically switch off/on. It keeps the temperature of the water balanced and on the other hand reduce electricity consumption as well.

So, pick this tank heater because it will not only take care of your fish. But it will also save electricity charges for you.

Indicator light

In addition, this stunning and high quality aquarium has indicator lights that let the user know about the temperature when the heater is ON.

The light is red when heating and turns green when the required temperature has been reached.

  • Modern design
  • Controlled temperature
  • Fully submersible
  • Flat and easily adjustable
  • Automatic power off
  • 1 year warranty
  • May stop working after over use

All in all, this fully submersible water heater can be easily adjusted. Fixed in the 2 to 10 gallons tanks with the help of suction cups, it will keep the water smoothly flowing. So, pick this one and let it serve your fish forever.

2.     UPETTOOLS Submersible Aquarium Heater

So here to begin with, this submersible aquarium water heater comes with style, efficiency, and safety in one package. It is fully submersible and can serve 3-15 gallon tanks and definitely you will be impressed with the safety feature.

UPETTOOLS Submersible Aquarium Heater

Additionally, this submersible fish tank aquarium heater is offering today’s best technology, suitable for 20-80 gallon. This is specially designed for both fresh and salt water.

External temperature control system

The dual CPU external temperature control allows you to adjust the temperature and turn off the heater meanwhile looking at the temperature changes. You can easily adjust the temperature from 24-32 degree ranges.

It is also possible to control the temperature without taking out the rod from the water tank.

Verdict: The dual CPU temperature control system is very reliable.

Automatic power off

You will be impressed by the safety features it offers. The heater has automatically shut off power when the heater temperature rises up to 36 degrees. It also shuts off if the water level is too high.


This uniquely designed heater for fish tanks is small in size. It can easily fit in the tank in horizontal direction without disturbing the water flow.

In all honesty, the slim and compact design makes it more convenient for you to adjust it in your tank.

Anti-scalding shell

On the other hand, you just don’t need to worry about the heater getting hot to burn your pet. Because this heater is especially made up with an anti-scaling shell that is explosion proof.

  • External temperature control
  • Automatic power off
  • Fully submersible
  • Ant-scalding shell
  • 1 year warranty
  • Convenient for small fish tanks

All in all, having variant sizes ranging from 50 watts to 500 watts, these heaters are convenient for 3-120 gallons. In general, it simply does not get much time to get the water to the desired temperature.

3.     Penn Plax Aquarium Heater Fully Submersible

If you love to keep fish at your place then it is a great choice for fully submersible aquarium water heater lovers, as you can easily adjust it where you want in the tank.

Penn Plax Aquarium Heater Fully Submersible

In short, you can install it both horizontally and vertically as well.

Maintained temperature

To note down, they maintain the temperature of your tank with 1-degree of accuracy. Also, this heater can be set manually to any desired temperature using easy to rotate dial or knob.

However, it comes with 76 degree temperature which makes it more easy to use for most aquatic environments. Also, they have both Fahrenheit and Celsius readings displayed on it.

Fully submersible

Indeed this heater can be placed both horizontally and vertically in your fish tank and it will automatically bring the temperature of the water to your desired level.

Superior insulated body

Ordinarily, the body of this heater is made up with superior insulation that provides the excellent heat distribution over the entire tank.

Similarly, the heavy-duty-shock resistant glass provides a long life and makes it safe for your pet life.

LED indicator

Adding more to it, it also has an LED indicator which turns on or off to notify if it’s working or not.

Suction cups

Not only but also, this aquarium heater comes with two suction cups for easy installation and sticky placement in your tank. Moreover, it is safe to use in both fresh and saltwater.

Best and Convenient

Standardly, you can use it for heating up to 20 gallons, but on the other hand if you want to heat 30 gallons of water then you must install two heaters in it for smooth heating.

  • Three years of warranty
  • Easily installable
  • Safe for freshwater and saltwater
  • Easy temperature setting
  • Need proper care if you are installing in a plastic tank, make sure it does not touch the walls.

As it is made of highly shock resistant material, it brings your aquarium to the safest side so throw your worries away before installing this in your fish tank.

Lastly, we assure you honestly this is the best water heater for fish tanks and easy to handle, efficient even heating, safe and easy to control temperature.

4.     Fluval M Submersible Aquarium Heater

None of the fish tank water heaters can beat Fluval especially when it comes to quality and its stylish appearance. Undoubtedly, this slim and compact aquarium water heater can be picked for exceptional purposes.

Fluval M Submersible aquarium Heater

Unique mirrored body

So what is more, this heater features a heat and shock resistant glass exterior that reflects the colors present in the surrounded aquarium which as a result enhance the beauty of your fish world.

Trusted reliability

By the way in nature or in an aquarium, fish are one of the possessive aquatic vertebrates to temperature conditions and can easily get sick if a sudden shift occurs.

Adding more to it, investing your pets into a reliable heating environment that eventually raises water temperature will help your pets to live a long life.

Auto shut off

Moreover, for your comfort it also has the auto shut off mechanism, so that the heater will automatically shut off when the water level or water flow is too low.

Adjustment gauge

The best fish tank heater will always hold a temperature adjustment gauge, to adjust the temperature by rotating the knob.

Mounting brackets

Not only but also, a very good feature of this heater is its secure slim profile. The mounting brackets mount the heater at various angles, so you can easily adjust it behind the decorations.

Advanced technology

With advanced technology, it uses a microprocessor along with dual sensors which provides real temperature data through LCD display.

Temperature range

Fluval electronic heater for fish tanks is suitable for use in fish tanks up to 65 gallons. They have a bearable temperature range from 66-86 degree F.

  • Numerical LCD display
  • Warns you if the flow is sufficient
  • Safety shut-off technology
  • Easily install due to its slim profile
  • Suitable up to 65 gallons
  • Expensive than other heaters

To sum up, you will be amazed with its elegant slim profile tube that occupies less area. The mirror-like surface maintains the beauty of the natural look.

However, it is more expensive as compared to others but the quality and 5 year guarantee are worth the price.

5.     SALUTE Aquarium Submersible Auto Thermostat Heater

If you are looking for a submersible aquarium water heater  that can heat up to 75 gallons then this submersible heater might be perfect for you.

 SALUTE Aquarium Submersible Auto Thermostat Heater

Shatter-resistant glass body

In the first place, this heater is made up of shatter- resistant quartz glass, which keeps your fish and other pets safe from getting sick. Additionally, it is best for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

Accurate temperature control

Functionally, the temperature can be adjusted automatically, indeed it is very easy to adjust the temperature you want. Keeping that in mind, a good temperature range is 76°F to 80°F (25- 27°C).

Suction cups fixing

Adding more to it, this fish tank heater is also equipped with 2 suction cups except for the thermometer. Basically, this lamp is a suction type and can be fixed at any desired angle.

Moreover, the product’s suction cups are made up of thicker, non-aging materials which enhances the life of it.

Safe to use

Nevertheless, this fish heater comes with double waterproof protection, easy operation and high temperature resistance, explosion-proof quartz glass which accurately maintains the water temperature.

Suitable for aquarium

Amazingly, this submersible aquarium heater can be used in all kinds of small and medium-sized tropical fish, goldfish, and ornament fish as well.

  • Highly efficient for aquarium up to 75 gallons
  • Made of explosion-proof quartz glass
  • Auto shut off when reach required temperature
  • Can be used in freshwater and saltwater
  • Can be positioned horizontally and vertically
  • Large and elongated size

Concluding, it’s very important to choose a fish tank heater that keeps the water at a consistent temperature, and the SALUTE heater does this very finely.

On top of this, it has an auto shut off mechanism, which makes it more reliable and stable.

6.     Catalina RF-1000T Heat Controller Titanium Heater

A small and affordable submersible aquarium heater for a beginner enthusiast, Catalina titanium will be a great option. It is compact in size and is ideal for larger tanks.

Catalina RF-1000T Heat Controller Titanium Heater


This aquarium water heater is 14 inches in length containing a six feet long power cord connecting to the heat controller. The controller has an operating range of 72 to 93 degree F and includes a temperature sensor for submersible mounting.

Titanium tubing

One of the greatest feature of this heater is the titanium tubing. It ensures fast heat conduction and also shows resistance to corrosion. Thus, it turns to be suitable for both salt water & freshwater.

Temperature sensor

A built-in temperature sensing switch is featured in it, so that in case of any accidental exposure. The temperature sensing switch will automatically cut off the power.

PH fluctuations

Titanium tubing can reject corrosion caused by saltwater or PH fluctuations of water. This will definitely help in prevention of crack due to increase in temperature.

  • Titanium tubing
  • Temperature tubing
  • Both fresh and saltwater
  • Suitable for 150-400 gallons
  • Not durable

Lastly, the best feature is that you can install it both vertically & horizontally. Since, the device is made up of resin, so you don’t have to worry about the heater shattering.

7.     Sukeen Aquarium Heater with Extra Thermometer

The Sukeen aquarium water heater is a small, lightweight choice for people who want to create a warm environment for their fish.

Sukeen Aquarium Heater with Extra Thermometer

It is covered with a detachable shield to keep fish safe and healthy.

Intermittent operation mode

This heater works in intermittent mod. When the temperature reaches the desired level, so the heater will automatically stop heating.

Similarly, when the water temperature gets low, the heater automatically starts heating, providing a perfectly warm environment to your fish.

High quality and safe

Moreover, as it is made with shatterproof and quartz glass material, it’s durable for long periods.

Since, fully covered with a double sealed case, it avoids an electricity leakage preventing your fish from danger.

Fully submersible

Furthermore, as it is a fully submersible heater, make sure that the heating rod is placed inside the water. Don’t just display it out of the water.

Adjustable temperature

The temperature can be set according to your will by operating the button present on the top of the heater. Ordinarily, the normal temperature ranges from 68° F – 94° F (20°-34°C).

  • Modern design
  • Sealed case
  • Controlled temperature
  • Fully submersible
  • Flat and easily adjustable
  • Automatic power off
  • 1 year warranty
  • Can cause dry burning if it is ON outside the water.

To conclude, this water heater for fish, features the overheat protection shield mechanism. It is shatter-proof and explosion proof. If we compare its price with others, obviously this will cost few more pennies.

Buyer’s Guide

Here are some factors that you should consider before purchasing the aquarium water heater.  To pick the best product for your fish, looking at your budget & your needs, you should do enough research.

Size of aquarium heater

Of course, the most important thing to look at is the size of your aquarium heater before buying it. Similarly, the heater has to be strong enough to provide enough heat to the water of the tank.

Moreover, the power speed should not take long to take the water heat to the desired temperature.

Types of aquarium heater

Before picking a heater you always have to look at what type of aquarium you have.

You should be sure enough to buy heaters for saltwater, freshwater aquariums, turtle and reef tanks according to your needs.

Furthermore, it is also possible to find one that will work for all types of aquariums.

There are several types of aquarium heaters existing today. For instance, immersible heaters, submersible heaters, in-filter, in-sump aquarium heaters.

As long as you choose, you should be sure that they will provide the best performance to your fish. Ordinarily, the submersible heaters are the most common and are on the top of all. Because they deliver all the desired features that everyone wants.

Your budget

The other thing you have to look after is the amount you are willing to pay. In short, your budget shows how much featured heater you can afford.

Usually, as a fact the quality stuff does not come with a low price. However, it does not mean that you cannot get a good heater. Of course you can get that but with limited features.

Ease of maintenance

At some point, you would have an issue with maintenance. So, pick a model that is easy to use and clean.

Moreover, the same thing that stands is how easy it would be to deal with any broken or worn out parts.

Back-up heater

In all honesty, it’s far better to go with two small heaters as compared to one large heater. This is because if you have two heaters and one fails, you have another on working already as back up.


Well choosing the best type of heater is not that much difficult. All you have to do is to have pretty knowledge about the varieties of heaters and their technological features.

Also, you should be sure to find heaters whether for saltwater or freshwater. Lastly, we hope you find the best model aquarium heater that can create a warm environment for your fish.

Some frequently asked questions

Q1. Are fish tank heaters safe?

Yes, off course. The fish tank heaters are safe if you take the proper precautions. Make sure to unplug the heater 30 minutes before changing the water or cleaning the tank. In short, it’s all up to you how much you know about handling it.

Q2. Do aquarium heaters turn off automatically?

Basically for your ease, most aquarium heaters are designed to turn off auto when reach desired temperature. But not all of them do so. Some may turn off because you have done such settings, others due to malfunction. So it all depends on what heater you are using.

Q3. How does an aquarium heater work?

Actually an aquarium heater converts electricity to heat. As water absorbs heat quickly, a heater automatically heats the water around it. So to have a heater working, it must be properly installed in the water with good flow.

Q4. How long does aquarium heaters last?

If you get a temp controller your heaters can last a lot longer. Because it takes the automatic on and off duties of the heater.

Q5. How long does an aquarium heater take to heat?

Probably it takes a complete round of the clock. In simple words it takes 24 hours at the most to create a warm water environment for your fish. But it may vary from heater to heater.

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